eMule ScarAngel Mod
The Xtreme's heir

Latest version:

ScarAngel v4.2



For long time we - Max and Stulle - worked together on eMule code. As we started together and chatted a lot helping each other the idea of a joint project. As Max developed his mod using Xtreme as it's base since version 2.0 I - Stulle - used the MorphXT mod as the base for my work.

I dreamed about implementing NAFC in my StulleMule mod for quite some time but as Xman told me it would be much more easy to implement the MorphXT features to the Xtreme I reconsidered the whole issue and decided to wait. In early October the actual project begun. Using the MaxMOD 2.0 as the base for our first changes we started developing this new mod.

The target of this mod is to combine the powerful NAFC system and all the other Xtreme features with all features we consider good from MorphXT/ StulleMule and other mods. Yet, we added a lot (like WebCache) but still there is much to do. Though we do not consider this mod a simple and stupid C&P mod. Many features were developed by either one or both of us. Even some features you may find in the StulleMule mod were originally coded for and in this mod before being added to StulleMule.

After Xman has obviously left the Xtreme mod project vacant is this mod, along with the Mephisto mod, the heir of the Xtreme. I am truly sad tthat Xman has quit the delopment and did not see fit to find a replacement and give him the neccessary rights to continue the project. You will hopefully consider this mod a valid heir of the Xtreme.

Due to personal reasons Max had to retire in June 2006, which caused Stulle to be the only active coder of the ScarAngel mod. In early 2007 he returned to coding and starting that time works at the project like in earlier days.

We hope you like this mod and have good results using it. Check out our greetings page to get some details about who actually helped us creating this mod.