Latest Installer (v 4.2):

HTTP (Hostex) : eMule0.50a-ScarAngel_v4.2-installer.exe
eD2k : eMule0.50a-ScarAngel_v4.2-installer.exe

Latest binaries (v 4.2):

HTTP (Hostex) : eMule0.50a-ScarAngel_v4.2-bin.rar
eD2k : eMule0.50a-ScarAngel_v4.2-bin.rar

Latest sources (v 4.2):

HTTP (Hostex) : eMule0.50a-ScarAngel_v4.2-src.rar
eD2k : eMule0.50a-ScarAngel_v4.2-src.rar

Additional files:

Debugkit (only for real developers to debug bin): HTTP | eD2k
totranslate.txt (includes all strings differing from Xtreme)

Download older versions of the ScarAngel mod and language sources here:

Source Forge mirrors