Frequently asked questions

Status color:

  • Paints clients in different colors according to their status.

Active connection control:

  • In order not to produce too many clients with the status "too many connections" the mod will not search for more sources once too many sources have this state.

CPU/ Memory usage display in TransferWnd:

  • Displays memory and CPU consumption of eMule and the whole system
  • possible display modes:
    • none
    • eMules consumption
    • eMule and system consumption
  • Display order: "CPU : CPU usage of eMule (CPU usage of the whole system)" "Mem : Memory usage of eMule (currently used physical Mem/ RAM of System)"

Relax on startup:

  • During the startup process eMule has to handle numerous tasks. This feature helps saving some ressources by avoiding some tasks in the startup time.

Global Hardlimit:

  • Global Hardlimit takes full control of the global source count. It reduces and raises the hardlimit values of the files in order to keep the global source count within a range of 5% below and over the set value.
  • In the StulleMule mod you may choose if you want to enable the system for either all files or only for certain files.
  • If one chooses the second way the preferences for each file may be found in the SivkaFileSettings dialog. Only files which have this function enabled will be taken into account in the hardlimit changing system.

Push small files:

  • This feature allows you to push clients requesting a file smaller than a certain size in the UploadQueue.
  • The max. size for pushed files and the factor clients get pushed with may be configured by the user.
  • If a client gets pushed by Release Bonus for a small file, the small file push will not be applyed.

Push rare files:

  • Based on the number of requests during the session, all requests and files a factor is generated that will push the client requesting the file by a certain value between 1 and 2. This feature is good to spread less spreaded files way better.


  • The user may choose and switch between various different creditsystems in the ScarAngel mod.
  • Currently included: Official, lovelace, Ratio, Pawcio, EastShare, sivka, S.W.A.T., Xtreme, TK4, ZZUL
  • For more information about the different creditsystems check out: CreditSystems
  • If you want to calculate some values use the CreditSystem Calculator - supporting 10 different creditsystems at the moment.

Save Upload Queue Waiting Time (SUQWT):

  • When eMule is closed all waiting times are reset to zero.
  • This feature saves the waitingtimes of all clients so no matter if he left the queue or we shut down our client he will get back to the queue with his old waiting time.

Show sources on title:

  • Displays the global number of sources in the title of the program.

Show eMule's infos in your MSN7 (or above) message field v2:

  • MSN v7+ enables the user to display his currently playing song. This feature displays eMule informations instead.
  • Information displayed: Current UL/DL speed, KAD/ Server connection, current global source count, current UL/DL ratio

Show global HL:

  • Adds up all active files hardlimit and displays the result in the source columns head.

Show HL per file constantiniously:

  • The ScarAngel mod usually shows the hardlimit of a file only if it is set to another value but the default or if the Global Hardlimit is enabled.
  • This function overrides these cases and always displays the HL behind the sources in the DownloadList.

Sivka File Settings:

  • Dialog that allows the user to customize the time between drops, enable/ disable drop mechanisms and the minimum amount of sources before dropping starts.
  • Allows the user to customize the use of the GHL per file so that only a certain set of files will be effected by GHL.
  • The customizable hardlimit per file as of the official eMule is also moved into this dialog.

Customized source dropping:

  • All dropping mechanisms use the values entered in the Sivka File Settings.
  • Further do they use seperate timers for LowIP2LowIP, NNS, FQ and HQR dropping mechanisms.
  • Most code is similar to the Xtreme code unless it is optional or enhanced with an configurable value, like time for instance.

Advanced manual dropping:

  • Adds some more ways of manual dropping.
  • LowIP2LowIP, Unknown/error/banned, high queue rating sources (sivka or xtreme), cleanup (NNS, FQS, unknown/error/banned)

Fake HighID check:

  • Some servers gave fake HighID back in the past when a client had a LowID. As this is bad this check avoids it.

FunnyNick Tag Selection:

  • FunnyNick usually adds "[FunnyNick]" at the beginning of every client that is effected by FunnyNick. This feature allows you to use a custom tag, "[FunnyNick]" , "[FN]" or no tag at all. Furthermore you may add any possible nick at the end instead of the beginning.

Client queue progress bar:

  • Displays two progress bars in the TransferWnd indicating how full the waiting queue is.

ScarAngel version check:

  • Allows the ScarAngel team to inform the user about updates.
  • Note that the official check is still in place like the devs requested.
  • All Xtreme checks are in place, too, as we want to keep them as a sign of respect and allow the user to be informed about a new base version that fixes possible serious bugs in the base version.


  • After the startup or a reconnect the connections per 5sec and the overall connection limit are raised to a set value for a configured time so eMule can (re-)ask all sources faster.
  • Turns back the values to a set value after the time expired.

Show Client Percentage:

  • Displays a percentage value in the client progressbar of a remote client indicating how many percent he already shares.

Tabbed Preferences:

  • Instead of using more preferences dialogs various different sets of preferences are combined in one dialog via a tab.

TBH: Backup:

  • Due to unexpected failures the config files could be damaged.
  • In order to avoid an data loss all config files are backed up up to two times.
  • Instant backup of some files is possible, as well.

TBH: MiniMule:

  • Before the official eMule introduced an own MiniMule this MiniMule was invented.
  • It gives more information and allows the user to acces a wider set of features at the same time.

Copy feedback feature:

  • Copies a wide set of information about one or more files in the mem so it can be pasted anywhere.
  • All strings can be copied in English or the language of the current language file - if completly translated, that is.
  • A colored version of the feedback that uses BB tags can be enabled in the ScarAngel preferences dialog.

Adjust compress level:

  • On very high speed lines the compression might slow down the upload.
  • To avoid this the user may decrease the degree of compression or even disable it completly.
  • Note that this is only for very high speed lines, clients with small lines will not gain a benefit whilst sending less data overall!

Smart Category Control (SCC):

  • More advanced category management.
  • Includes a wide set of filter options for the DownloadList.
  • Linear Priority as another way to choose the next file to download.

Spread bars:

  • Helps the user to keep track of the spreading of his shared files.
  • Needs to be acitvated for HideOS.

HideOverShare (HideOS):

  • Hides parts when they are shared more often than an entered value.
  • This shall prevent from uploading some parts over and over whilst not spreading the file properly.
  • In order not to hide a file completly the setting may be overridden.
  • Will only work for complete files as this is an releaser feature, exclusivly - releasing means focussing on uploading a complete file in the teams oppinion.

Share Only the Need (SOTN):

  • Intelligently hides parts of a file according to the files distribution in order to spread the file properly.
  • This function is more advanced and smarter than HideOS as it is directly basing its work on the network and not on history of distribution.
  • A complete hiding of the file will not be allowed and occure.
  • Will only work for complete files as this is an releaser feature, exclusivly - releasing means focussing on uploading a complete file in the teams oppinion.

Anti Anti HideOS & SOTN:

  • As it is possible to bypass HideOS and SOTN this prevents from such bypasses so SOTN and HideOS will work properly.

See chunk that we hide:

  • As we might be hiding some parts of a file this feature allows the user to see which parts the mod is hiding.


  • Clients requesting a file with enabled PowerShare are going to be pushed to the top of the waiting queue.
  • Contrary to the Morph/ ZZ imlementation the client will not jump into the upload ending another clients upload question.
  • Possible modes: Default, On, Off, Limited by sources, Limited by amount of data uploaded
  • PowerShare will be prohibited whenever a file is well spread already.
  • Will only work for complete files as this is an releaser feature, exclusivly - releasing means focussing on uploading a complete file in the teams oppinion.

Superior Client Handling:

  • This code snippet allows us to handle some clients superior to other clients so they will be pushed to the top of the queue.
  • For now the only superior clients are friends and powershared files requesting clients.
  • Superior clients will be added after the last superior client in the upload and before the first non-superior client so they will not be trickle upon upload start if only non-superior clients are in upload.
  • Superior clients are not removed from upload if there are no other superior clients waiting.
  • Only clients without SUI or a successful SUI may be superior clients.

Release Bonus:

  • Virtually adds 12 hours up to 16 days to a clients waiting time when he requests a file set to release.
  • Will only work for complete files as this is an releaser feature, exclusivly - releasing means focussing on uploading a complete file in the teams oppinion.

Release Score assurance:

  • Some creditsystems decrease the score of a client to a value lower than the default score.
  • As this increases the waiting time for such users this feature gives the default score to all clients requesting a file set to release when the score would be smaller than the default value otherwise.
  • Will only work for complete files as this is an releaser feature, exclusivly - releasing means focussing on uploading a complete file in the teams oppinion.

XP-Style menus:

  • All context menus are displayed in a more pretty way with an background picture, altered colors and a sidebar on the left.

Design settings:

  • This new tab in the ScarAngel settings allows the user to customize the program in various parts.
  • Master items (groups of customizations): Client Styles, Downloading files Styles, Shared files Styles, Server Styles, (List) Background Styles, Window Styles, Feedback styles
  • Only enabled styles will be applied.
  • Styles are sorted by importance in triggering. (Example: A client is a friend and requests an powershared file --> friend style will be applied if it is enabled)
  • If no other style is triggered the default style will be applied.
  • Setting a styles color to default equals using the default styles color, if this is default the windows default will be applied.
  • Window customization for statusbar and toolbar will only work on Windows XP and above when the classic display style is enabled on Windows.

Static IP Filter:

  • Customizations in the own IP filter are lost on update.
  • To prevent this additional IPs/ IP ranges can be saved in an extra file with the name "ipfilter_static.dat", which shall be in the config folder.
  • Doubled entries will not cause any trouble as they will be ignored.
  • The ipfilter.dat filter layout is mandatory!

Enhanced Client Recognition:

  • Some clients are recognized as eMuleCompat(ible) by the official eMule.
  • This enhancement by Spike2 allows to recognize some, if not all of them properly.

Compat Client Stats:

  • Based on the Enhanced Client Recognition a new set of stats is available giving details about the usage of the compatible clients.

Enforce Ratio:

  • Some mods enforce a session based ratio due to some features or if the average upload is too low.
  • This function allows the user to cut down his own download for the sake of the network health.
  • The user may decide which session ratio he will get at the max and as soon as ratio-0.1 of that is achieved the download will be limited according to the ratio.
  • Example: 1:1 selected, limiting download to 1*upload speed when session ratio is 1:0.9 ; 1:3 selected, limiting download to 3*upload speed when session ratio is 1:2.9
  • If configured ratio is exceeded the download will be limited to equal the current upload (1:1).
  • Moving the Mouse trigger over the download speed pops up more detailed information about the ratio activation and its reason.

Improved ICS-Firewall support:

  • More advanced support of the Windows firewall.

Invisible Mode:

  • Pressing a configured set of keys at once hides eMule completely from the Windows GUI.
  • Pressing the same set again reveals eMule again.
  • This function will not hide eMule on either the harddrive or the list of processes!

UPnP support:

  • Port forwarding for router using Universal Plug and Play ensures a high ID behind a router.
  • The UPnP in the ScarAngel mod is different than the one in the Xtreme mod so it will probably support more routers.

Random Ports:

  • Some ISP tend to cut down some peoples lines when they are using a P2P tool like eMule.
  • To prevent being cut down due to a massive use of a certain port this feature randomizes eMules ports.
  • This works best with Improved ICS-Firewall support (if Win firewall enabled) and UPnP support (if UPnP capable router available).

Simple cleanup:

  • Xtremes MassRename includes a less advanced simple cleanup method.
  • The ScarAngel offers a wide set of different options for a cleanup of all selected files that allows you to customize a set of files in an easy way.

Anti fragmenting:

  • Prevents KAD packages from being send fragmented.

Safe KAD:

  • Slows down the spreading of bad KAD nodes.

Display reason for zero score:

  • When a client has a zero score in the waitinglist the reason for this will be displayed.

Automatic shared files updater:

  • Reloads the incoming folders automatically when one or more of them have changed.
  • Can also monitor folders with single shared files (if enabled).
  • Minimum time between two reloads can be configured and is 2 minutes (120 seconds) by default.
  • Only directories that exist after (a re-)starting ASFU will be monitored.
  • ASFU will be shut down and disabled if too many folders to monitor are shared to prevent unforseen crashes.

Emulate others:

  • Most other clients in the eD2k network prefere sharing with clients of their own kind. In order not to be in a disadvantage WiZaRd, Spike and shadow2004 developed algorithms that make eMule pretend to be a client of the same kind.
  • Currently supported clients: MLDonkey, eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza v2, Lphant

Anti Uploader Ban:

  • Not every client detected by the Anti-Leecher-Systems is really bad. This system prevents clients from being banned by comparing the set limit with the clients upload (and download).
  • Score reduced clients may regain a trustworthy status.
  • Three different methods are available.
    • 1st method: UL >= Limit ; clients who uploaded more but the limit do not get banned.
    • 2nd method: UL-DL >= Limit ; clients with a difference between upload and download which is higher but the limit won't get banned until the difference reaches the limit.
    • 3rd method: UL-DL >= Limit ; clients with a difference between upload and download which is higher but the limit won't get banned until the difference reaches 0 (if session ends before 0 is reached the client will have to reach the limit again in the next session).

Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer:

  • When emulating MlDonkey we are send the MlDonkey client exchange packages. As we cannot process them we just recognize them properly so they will not appear in the verbose log.

Spread Credits Slot (SCS):

  • Creditsystems, PBF and PS may keep clients out of the upload that don't get pushed due to their lack of data exchange with us or because they simply do not request a PS file. In order to prevent from such an situation this feature will push the first client in the queue that did not exchange any data with you, yet, into the upload no matter what its former queue place.
  • The requesting client shall neither be pushed by PS nor by push small files nor be a leecher.
  • clients that got kicked out of the upload due to higher priority clients ("F" in queue) may get a SCS
  • The user needs to configure every how many slots a client shall get a SCS.
  • SCS clients may be set into upload class 1 (PS/PBF)
  • SCS debugging:
    • @ Spr N = usual Spread Credits Slot (0 up/ 0 down)
    • @ Spr F = removed early
    • @ Spr O = got a SCS but was removed and didn't get reinitiated by @ Spr F (should barely happen)
  • Transfer complete chunks has to be enabled!

Pay Back First:

  • Pushes clients to the top of the queue who have transfered a set minimum contingent more than we did.
  • PBF clients will not be removed from upload until we balanced the amounts transfered.
  • The other client has to request a file we have completed.
  • Displays the difference of data transferred ( {what we got} - {what we gave} ) in UploadList if the client has PBF state.
  • The non-SUI version will only work if the other client has failed the identification.

Do not reserve 1/3 of your uploadlimit for emule:

  • Since Xtreme 4.4 a third of your upload is reserved for eMule when NAFC is enabled. This is done to prevent timeouts and disconnection from the KAD network.
  • When enabled a maximum of 2 kB/s will be reserved for eMule.
  • This feature is only active when you uploaded more than you downloaded in the session.

Disable accepting only clients who asked within last 30min:

  • Xtreme Upload will only grant upload to clients who asked for a file within the last 30 minutes in order to decrease the number of failed uploads. Nevertheless, ths other client might have increased his ReAsk time to reduce the overhead.
  • This option disables the threshold so all clients on queue may be granted upload.

Follow The Majority:

  • Sets the file name to the name with most sources.
  • Works only on downloads.
  • Can be configured per file. Default value is set in the Options dialog.

Fair Play:

  • Uploads a file on PowerShare-like state until it has been uploaded a configured number of times.

Alwasy maximize slot speed:

  • When changing the upload speed the maximum slot speed will change likewise.
  • For lazy users, users of the scheduler or users who do not use the options dialog to change the upload speed this is the perfect way to always maximize their slot speed.

Timer for ReAsk File Sources:

  • The original ReAsk time in the Xtreme mod is something between 26 and 29,5 minutes. Every ReAsk costs overhead.
  • Increasing the ReAsk time equals a overhead reduction.
  • Due to the Spread ReAsks features the actual ReAsk time will be [SetTime]+{-3...0.5 minutes}
  • eMule Xtreme and eMule ScarAngel mods will NOT be reasked any fewer than now to avoid the 30 minutes threshold.

File Settings:

  • All settings are stored in the FileSettings.ini file.
  • Supported by StulleMule and ScarAngel.
  • Settings are saved on taking over SivkaFileSettings and on closing eMule.

Advanced Options:

  • Some options in eMule are usually only available if the value is inserted in the preferences.ini. You may now set these in eMule itself.

Update Tab in ScarAngel preferences:

  • Weekly update adds scheduler event for a weekly update of the chosen file.
  • IP2Country file can be updated automatically on startup and with one click.
  • IPfilter file can be updated automatically on startup, after a week and with one click.
  • antiLeech.dll can be updated automatically on startup, after a week and with one click.
  • antiLeech.dll update will first check if there is a new version and if this applies update the file.
  • The preset address for antiLeech.dll update will make the eMule update from a random sourceforge mirror.
  • None of the updateable files will be in the binary package to reduce the file size of the package. They will be downloaded on startup.

Altered Slotspeed and Slothandling:

  • Maximum slotspeed is increased by 25%.
  • Maximum value for slotspeed increased from 15 kByte/s to 19 kByte/s which equals roughly 26.666%.
  • MinSlots value is decreased by one if the Upload health is greater or equal to 75%.
  • Minimum value of MinSlots is decreased to two instead of three if the Upload health is greater or equal to 75%.
  • MaxSlots value is decreased by one if the slotspeed is greater than 4 kByte/s.
  • If you are experiencing an unsteady upload reduce your upload and/ or enable Open more slots!

High resulution speedmeter on toolbar:

  • Shows small graphs for upload and download on toolbar
  • Overrides some toolbar settings

Control download priority:

  • Automatically sets a new download priority if a threshold is triggered.
  • Threshold 1: completed percentage of a file
  • Threshold 2: remaining size to complete file download

IPFilter White list:

  • Prevents certain IPs from being banned if you are considering them trustworthy when your IPFilter does not.
  • Use ipfilter_white.dat file, which should be created in the config folder, to add IPs to this list.
  • The ipfilter.dat layout is mandatory!

Modified Fine CS:

  • The original Fine CS is meant to protect from leecher clients based on the amount of data one sent and one received to/ from another client. It does not offer any boost for clients sending you lots of data.
  • Modified Fine CS will not kick unless the selected credit system gives a client a smaller factor than the default factor.
  • Threshold in the system is four time one partsize, which equals 4*9,28 MB. If the difference between sent and received data exceeds this threshold the score will be reduced. The higher the difference the lower the multiplicator.

Display completed Downloads in Tray:

  • Displays a star in the tray icon whenever a download is completed.

Advanced Transfer Window Layout:

  • Any two lists can be viewed at the same time
  • Downloading file list can only be viewed in the upper part
  • If list shown in the upper half is already in the lower half the lower list changes to next list
  • To disable/ enable press the split button/ item

Threaded File Settings Saving:

  • The saving of the file settings usually causes a lot of work for the CPU and keeps the GUI locked for several seconds
  • To be able to keep the GUI responsive during the saving process is the saving now in a seperate thread so the user can use the program as if there was no saving at all.

Threaded Known Files Saving:

  • Every 11 minutes is the known.met file saved.
  • The more files are saved in this file the longer time will it take to save the file once.
  • To be able to keep the GUI responsive during the saving process is the saving now in a seperate thread so the user can use the program as if there was no saving at all.

New IPFilter:

  • The original IPFilter maintained via the Pawcio mirror becomes update fewer and fewer so I decided to change the provider to another, hopefully more reliable, source.
  • Henceforth will the default IPFilter be maintained by Ozzy and indipendently distributed via the ScarAngel project site on Sourceforge.
  • New versions will be checked via a dyndns service quite alike the version check.
  • To reduce the overall traffic when updating I decided to use WinRAR compression so the unrar.dll from the binary package is required!
  • The new IPFilter will not interfere with other mirrors as it only uses the new methods when the default mirror is chosen.

Show (un-)loading status of IPFilter:

  • Loading the IPFilter can sometimes take quite a while due to the speed of your harddrive, CPU and size of the filter file.
  • In order to measure how much longer it is going to need till the process is over will the progress of the load or unload process be displayed in the splash screen or in the statusbar.

Static Tray Icon:

  • Displays the tray icon at all times regardless if eMule is maximized or minimized to tray.
  • Tray icon will be hidden if eMule is hidden.

Feedback personalization:

  • Allows personalizations of the Upload feedback in font style and color.
  • Styles are integrated into the Design Settings; feature can be enabled in the Display settings on the ScarAngel page.

Date File Name Log:

  • Will use the date in the file name for saved logging.
  • Prevents splitting of files by size and groups logging from one day together.
  • Enabled by default

Multiuser webserver/ Ionix Advanced webserver:

  • Integrates multiuser support into the webserver so different login account with different rights can be created.
  • You must select the multiuser template to enable the multiuser settings.
  • Multiuser is enabled/disabled automatically on changing template.
  • User privileges:
    • Guest: Viewing information from WebInterface
    • Operator: Adding/Removing downloads and according to other settings
    • Admin: Like Operator plus privilege to close eMule
    • Hi-Admin: Like Admin plus privilege to shutdown/reboot windows
  • If a user may not see a certain category he will not be able to see the name of a file which is shared exclusively from within this categories incoming shared folder. Note, the logs remain unaffected so consider disabling the verbose log for more privacy.

New failed login handling for WebInterface:

  • Changes internal handling of failed WebInterface login attempts within eMule.
  • IPs will be banned from login after 5 failed login attempts for 15 minutes.

Failed login screen for WebInterface:

  • Shows special site with disabled forms when banned from using the WebInterface.

PowerShare support for WebInterface:

  • Powershare can be activated via WebInterface.
  • Powershare activation will be displayed in an extra column in the Shared Files window of the WebInterface.

Run eMule as NT Service:

  • Allows eMule to be run as a Windows NT Service.
  • No need to login into Windows to run eMule
  • Keeps eMule running after logging out/ switching users
  • New command line options:
    • "emule -install" --> install as a service
    • "emule -uninstall" --> uninstall as a service
  • Make sure all settings are correct before installing as a service
  • Links are passed to webservice
  • Option to set level of optimization (Full may cause errors!)
  • See Preferences->Webserver->NTservice tab

Extended Prompt on Exit dialog:

  • Allows user to directly start eMule as a NT Service in the Prompt on Exit dialog or disable this prompt.

Friendslot support for WebInterface:

  • Displays special icon/overlay for clients with friendslot in the WebInterface.
  • Adds possibility to grant friendslot from within the WebInterface.

Queue progress bar in WebInterface:

  • Displays progress bar in WebInterface that indicates how many clients are enqueued in the upload waiting queue.
  • This is not available in the light interface.

File Percentage in title of progress images in WebInterface:

  • Appends title attribute to HTML <img> tag used to display images for the file progress bar.
  • Hovering over the images will make the browser to display the title information.

Downloading Chunk Detail Display:

  • Displays a graphical bar that shows how many blocks of the current chunk have already been transferred, which blocks have been requested and which block is being transferred right now.
  • The bar will be displayed in the Download List within the Completed column for each client that currently transfers.
  • Within the Downloading Clients List a Chunk column exists which will also display this bar.

Uploading Chunk Detail Display:

  • Displays a graphical bar that shows how many blocks of the current chunk have already been sent, which blocks have been requested by the remote side, which blocks are buffered and which block is being transferred right now.
  • Within the Uploading Clients List a Chunk column exists which will display this bar.

Display remaining upload time:

  • Displays an estimated remaining upload time in the Upload Time column of the Uploading Clients List.
  • If Full Chunk Transfer is disabled the estimate will show how much time is left until the minimum of 2MB has been transferred.
  • The displayed time is estimated by determining how much time is required to upload from the end of the last done block to the end of the current chunk when Full Chunk Transfer is enabled. The estimate will be wrong if the remote client does not request blocks consecutively or skips blocks.

requpfile optimization:

  • An optimization that will keep a pointer to the currently requested file of each enqueued client in memory.
  • This change will prevent eMule from looking up the file in the shared files list in many cases which can save some CPU when many files are shared.